Birling Gap Coastguard warning after emergency access ‘blocked’

An emergency access point for Birling Gap Coastguard volunteers was blocked by visitors at the weekend, according to the service.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 2:31 pm

The incident happened on Sunday, June 26, with the coastguard service taking to social media to warn motorists about the dangers of blocking emergency points.

A spokesperson for Birling Gap Coastguard said, “Once again our crew’s access has been blocked.

“This is the Barn at Seaford.

Cars blocking the Coastguard emergency access point.

“Please do not obstruct access gates as this prevents us from accessing emergency situations.

“In cases such as this vehicles have and will continue to be reported to Sussex police.

“Remember, it could be your loved one we are trying to rescue.”

Senior coastal operations officer Graham Easton said, “We would ask people to check around them carefully when parking near beaches, cars parked irresponsibly can block roads and prevent coastguards and other emergency services from gaining access, which is often needed urgently.

“Help us to help you by being considerate when you park your vehicle.”