Uncertain future for shipping containers in Eastbourne garage block

A planning application for two shipping containers to remain in a garage block in Eastbourne has been submitted.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 9:19 am
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 11:09 am

Two shipping containers are in the garage block at the back of Badlesmere Road cul-de-sac.

Now planning applications have been submitted to Eastbourne Borough Council for the containers to stay there.

According to the plans, the containers, which have been there since November 9 last year, don’t cause any issues in terms of vehicle access.

Photo from Daniel Van Kleeff SUS-210306-105523001

Daniel Van Kleeff owns the units. He said, “I consulted the neighbours, particularly the one who backs on to the land the containers are on, prior to siting them and they said they don’t mind them there as they give them extra privacy in their garden.”

Mr Van Kleeff said the units are in good condition and freshly painted. He also said the land and garage was in disrepair before he purchased it, which has now improved.

“Long term wise I would like to apply to build another garage to match in with the others already in the block.”

In respect to the delay around applying for planning permission, Mr Van Kleeff, said, “Prior to siting the containers I contacted the Eastbourne planning department by telephone for advice and was told there was no formal policy relating to my enquiry.

Photo from Adam Morton. SUS-210106-101803001

“Four months after siting the containers I received a letter from Simon Cullen asking for them to be removed – as planning permission had not been obtained.

“I contacted Mr Cullen via telephone and explained I was not aware this was required. He advised that as they are for my own personal use, I should apply for temporary permission to keep them on the site.”

Members of the public can comment until June 17.

The land prior to Mr Van Kleeff buying it SUS-210306-110544001
Photo from Adam Morton. SUS-210106-101752001