Learn how to work email marketing and it will work for you '“ email marketing is not spam

If email marketing isn't working for your business, it's because your emails aren't working and not because email marketing doesn't work.

Friday, 2nd June 2017, 12:32 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:38 pm
Michael Ogilvie

Michael Ogilvie, a director with OBC The Accountants, said: “It’s really easy to take email marketing for granted because so much of it pours into our email inbox every day but why would any sane business owner ignore the profitable power of email marketing when you realise it’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter?”

In addition to that, when compared to social media, direct mail and other marketing, email has the highest sales conversion of 66% and the number of email users worldwide this year is estimated to be 3.7 billion!

But key to email marketing success is using a co-ordinated series of emails rather than seeing email marketing as single, one-off email every so often and then email your very interested email subscribers more often than your less interested subscribers.

Most businesses fail to make email marketing work because they don’t know how to build an email marketing series that works and they never get around to doing the work needed to make it work!

Michael has given four easy steps to elevate email marketing:

Use specific lead magnets (a small chunk of value, usually content, that solves a specific problem for a specific market that is offered in exchange for an opt in email address) on your website to build an email list

Create worthwhile content your target audience values and will happily exchange for their email address – start by using content you already have and upgrading it to work with your lead magnets to capture your subscriber’s data

Design a series of emails around each segment’s favoured subject to make your emails relevant – welcome emails to they get to know you, engagement emails so they get to buy from you then emails so they become repeating multi-buyers

Automate your email series so your emails happen even when you sleep!

Michael concluded: “See email marketing as a series of connected messages or hurdles and you focus on building a series of communications. You’ll then experience the success of the great email marketers who get £34 for every £1 they spend on email marketing. As a business adviser, that seems a great result!” – if you want some help with some useful tips email: [email protected]

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