House prices in Eastbourne: The areas where average prices increased the most in the last year

The areas in Eastbourne where house prices rose the most and fell in the last year have been revealed. The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented economic shock in the UK, closing businesses and putting people out of work left, right and centre. But despite that, average house prices held up across England – even if there was a drop in sales. It was the same picture in Eastbourne where prices rose by 5.4 per cent per cent in the year to September 2020, even as sales dropped by 19.6 per cent. The average price of a house in Eastbourne in the year ending September 2020 was £280,498 – compared to £266,154 the previous year. Here we reveal which neighbourhoods saw the strongest growth in the year to September 2020 and where house prices dropped.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 11:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 11:44 am
Carpet Gardens in Eastbourne 31/3/21 SUS-210331-153750001
The biggest price hike was in Ratton where the average price rose to £389,566, up by 14.2 % on the year to September 2019 when it was £341,187
Next was Meads where the average price rose to £385,464 up by 13.1 % on the year to September 2019 when it was £340, 738.
Next is Upperton where the average price reached £269,597, up 12.8 % from £238,597 the previous year
House prices in the area by Eastbourne Pier rose to an average of £190,397, up 5.9% compared to last year's figure of £179,770
In Langney East house prices rose 4.1 % from £235,292 to £244,867
In Hampden Park North the average price of a house has gone up 3.4% from £220,669 to £228,099
Houses in the area around St Anthony's Hill have seen a 2.7% rise with prices going from £260,636 in 2019 to £267,778 in 2020
House prices in King Edward's Parade rose from £237,172 to £242,385 - a rise of 2.2%
The price of houses in Roselands went up by 2% from £253,100 in 2019 to £258,098
Sovereign Harbour saw one of the lowest rise in prices - 0.9% from £294,408 to £297,020
In Old Town and Motcombe house prices saw only a 0.2% - up from £284,237 to £284,946
In Langney West house prices fell -1.1% from £241,914 to £239,338
House prices in Hampden Park South also dropped - by -1.2% from £297,727 to £295,057