Eastbourne car park saga ends with site being made for permit holders only

An ongoing battle over changing car park charges in Eastbourne has ended with the site being made strictly for permit holders.

Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 12:14 pm

Beatty Road car park sits in front of a parade of independent businesses.

Last month the car park charges changed, sparking outrage from residents and business owners.

The following week, the battle continued between business owners, residents, and the car park owner – Mullane Holdings.

The sign that went up on August 31. Photo from Deb Cornford. SUS-210109-103825001

Tony Mullane said last week that if damage continued to be done to the signs, he would make the car park for permit holders only – today (Wednesday, September 1) that has happened and two men in high-vis jackets have been seen patrolling the site.

Mr Mullane said, “We originally offered one hour free parking and extended it, but the damage done meant we couldn’t financially offer that anymore.

“The issues have continued and resulted in this permit holder only decision.

“Paid parking signs were being ripped down and damaged - we can’t legally issue tickets without the signs up so we were being pressed to make it a permit holders only site.

Photo from business owner Ayhan Kiratli SUS-210109-111840001

“We either keep it permit holders only or bring back paid parking and hope no one takes the signs down.”

He said he’s now received a summary bill of £11,000 for all the damage done to the cameras and signs which he’s shown and explained to the business owners.

Mr Mullane said, “There’s no benefit for us if the shops to go out of business.

“I’m not trying to screw over the shops but we’ll do what we have to do to make the car park paid for.”

Car park at parade of shops in Beatty Road (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-210818-085505008

In terms of the future, Mr Mullane said ‘the best thing’ would be for it to return to paid parking, but if matters aren’t resolved the site could become a car wash.

He said no response will be given to residents from now on, only business owners.