‘Constant stench of raw sewage’ at Hailsham housing development

Residents at a housing development in Hailsham say they are experiencing sewage problems.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 1:01 pm

Burfield Valley in Reef Way is dealing with a number of sewage problems including a ‘constant stench of raw sewage’ and ‘gurgling sinks and toilets’, according to residents.

Stan Szczotka, a resident of the development which was build in 2013, noticed the problem was worse for him and his neighbours whose houses are at the lowest point of the estate.

When he shared his problem on social media, he said others came forward with similar issues.

Photo from Stan Szczotka SUS-210317-133244001

Stan said, “The drains were cleared less than two weeks ago so there is clearly something much worse going on. But no-one is accepting responsibility for the pipes and pumping station on the estate.”

Stan said he contacted the housing developer Persimmons and Southern Water, but got ‘nowhere’.

Stan said things appear to have worsened since a new school was built on the site which he says has put added pressure on the sewage and drainage systems.

On top of this, a block of 35 flats has also been approved for development and Stan feels problems are just going to get worse because of this.

Councillor Neil Cleaver SUS-210317-133735001

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes said, “Persimmon Homes continues to undertake works which will secure adoption of the drainage network on the development by Southern Water.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our clients and remain committed to concluding all works at the earliest opportunity and will keep councillor Cleaver informed of our progress.”

A spokesperson for Southern Water said, “Sewer flooding whether internal or external can be highly traumatic. We have made significant investments in the area to cope with Hailsham’s growth and geographical issues posed by building on flood plain.

“It should be noted we are not responsible for wastewater on Burfield Valley Reef Way estate – the developers made private arrangements to handle wastewater.

“Southern Water and the developer will work together in order to review if the delivery of our network reinforcement aligns with the proposed occupation of the development as it will take time to design and deliver any such reinforcement.

“Southern Water will review and advise on this following consideration of the development programme and the extent of network reinforcement required.”

Southern Water said regular meetings are being held with council officials and elected representatives to understand and meet the needs of fast growing population centre.