World-class music from Philharmonic Orchestra

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The London Philharmonic Orchestra will be presenting a concert at The Congress Theatre in Eastbourne this Sunday (January 12) at 3pm.

With his snowbound first symphonic steps in Winter Daydreams, Tchaikovsky introduced himself to St Petersburg’s artistic elite and also created one of the first symphonies written by a Russian.

His First Symphony’s icicle-clear melodies and fur-wrapped climaxes bore a charm all of their own, establishing Tchaikovsky as a composer who could enthral and captivate with his tunes but challenge and protest with his sense of musical argument.

This concert presents a rare and seasonal chance to hear Tchaikovsky’s enchanting winter symphony, after Dvorák’s rather warmer, treacle-toned Violin Concerto and Verdi’s vivid ballet music from his tragic opera Macbeth.

Verdi Ballet Music (Ballabili) from Macbeth and Dvorak’s Violin Concerto are also highlights of the concert.

For ticket prices and availability ring the box office on 01323 412000.

This concert is one of four being performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra over the next three months - February 23, March 9 and April 27 being the other dates.