Will’s the icing on the Cabaret cake

Will Young as Emcee and the Company in Cabaret. Photographer Keith Pattison
Will Young as Emcee and the Company in Cabaret. Photographer Keith Pattison

Without wanting to be booed and hissed from here to eternity, I have to say I‘ve never been one of Will Young’s greatest fans.

But his likeability factor has shot up in my estimation since Monday’s opening night performance of Cabaret, when the former Pop Idol winner not only held a Congress audience completely captivated for two hours and 20 minutes, but together with his fellow cast members received a standing ovation.

And rightly so too, for this was a perfectly polished, although a little raunchier than some might have expected, production of Cabaret, which tells the stories of the performers at the Kit Kat Club in pre-war Berlin.

While there can be little doubt, the vast majority of the audience was there to see Will Young, who steals the show as Emcee, the rest of the cast are popular well known household names and faces who deserve a mention in their own right for their outstanding portrayals: former Seekers singer Lyn Paul as Fraulein Schneider, fine actor Linal Haft who plays Herr Schultz, and the fantastic Siobhan Dillan, who entered Andrew Lloyd Webber’s How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria and finished third, as hapless Sally Bowles, who was an absolute joy to watch and listen to.

The dancing is faultless, the singing pure perfection and while there are plenty of comedy moments, it is the final scenes that are the most emotionally charged as Hitler takes power, the Kit Kat Club becomes one of the first victims of Nazi terror and its performers are arrested and taken to concentration camps.

Monday night was a full house at the Congress and is expected to be for the rest of the week.

If you can get a ticket, do. Will Young fan or not, you won’t be disappointed.