Warriors provide unique insight into martial arts

FOLLOWING the huge success of their debut UK tour, the internationally-acclaimed Shaolin Warriors return to the Congress Theatre on May 11 (7.30pm) before embarking on a new European Tour.

This breathtaking theatrical show vividly depicts the rarely-seen Kung Fu masters’ feats of agility, strength and skill.

Twenty-two professionally trained Kung Fu Masters will amaze audiences once more, with their death defying disciplines in this fully choreographed spectacular.

This unique artistic performance, displays disciplined spiritualism, stunning movement and deadly martial arts prowess.

Shaolin Warriors train for hours every day, perfecting the art of hand-to-hand and weapons combat.

They are required to achieve an extraordinarily high level of proficiency in each of the 18 traditional weapons and to become a master of one weapon.

A huge hit over three continents, this production has been seen by over 500,000 people of all ages and plays to sell out audiences and standing ovations.

A must see show for all the family, be sure to witness the agility, grace and showmanship of the Shaolin Warriors as they will be sure to amaze and astound.

Tickets cost from £15.50-£21, call 412000.