All you need to know about the Beachy Head Marathon

Runners from all over the world are set to take part in the 26.2 mile marathon or accompanying 10km race along the south coast on Saturday (October 26) here’s everything you need to know to watch the action unfold.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 12:19 pm

Where does it start?

The action kicks off outside Bede’s School- the start and finish line - at 9am. Some marathon finishers are expected back by around midday and the last participants should cross the finish line at around 6pm.

What’s the route like?

The Beachy Head Marathon is famously scenic, guiding runners through picturesque villages and postcard-perfect beauty spots all along the South Downs and coast. After starting outside Bede’s School, runners will skirt the edges of the Eastbourne Downs Golf Course and stop off for their first checkpoint outside the tranquil village of Jevington.

After skimming the edge of Friston Forest, scaling Wentover Hill, runners will pass through Alfriston. They will then scale Borstall Hill, run past Seaford Golf Course, jog through Littington and West Dean before reaching their first natural beauty spot, 31km in, at Cuckmere Haven.

After that, the marathon offers up a highlight reel of classic South Coast beauty spots.

Athletes will run two km along the Seven Sisters Way, cross Birling Gap and run the last six km along the coast.

What’s the best way to watch?

Spectators hoping to support friends and family along the route might want to look to the Brighton and Hove buses Coaster route, which covers key viewing spots along the way, giving passengers direct access to the Seven Sisters Visitors Centre and Beachy Head.

This way, they will be able to stay comfortable, buy drinks and refreshments, and keep up with all the action.

Where should I park?

Runners and spectators who intend to drive should note that there is no official car park for the Beachy Head Marathon. There is, however, plenty of parking around Eastbourne itself and free street park around the start of the route on a first come, first serve basis from the registration marquee. More information about parking in Eastbourne is available at

How can I get there?

For spectators arriving via car, the town is just 44 miles south of the M25, key approach routes are from the M23, A27, A22, and the scenic A259 coastal route.

To get a bus from Eastbourne to the event registration, catch the 3 OR 3A, which leaves every twenty minutes, from outside the London and County pub and will leave spectators just two minutes from the event registration.

From Eastbourne Railway station, Bede’s School is a thirty minute walk at the western end of the seafront, Meads.

Where should I go for lunch?

Race-weary runners are spoilt for choice in Eastbourne, why not check out our list of the best eateries in East Sussex to guarantee a truly memorable post-marathon meal?

What will the weather be like?

Weather might be less than ideal on the day itself, with most predictions pointing to light rain, a moderate breeze and temperatures between 11 and 13 degrees centigrade. So it might be best to pack a jumper and a raincoat or two.

Are there any road closures?

Due to safety reasons related to the marathon, there will be road closures on Dukes Drive, Upper Dukes Drive, and in the village of Litlington, though access to businesses will be maintained.