Underground next stop

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Mind manipulator and illusionist Derren Brown is bringing his Underground show to Eastbourne this coming week.

From April 10-14, the Devonshire Park Theatre will host the recently Olivier award nominee.

Derren said of Underground: “Firstly it’s all the best material. So nothing feels like filler. It’s the absolute favourite routines, been picked from 15 years of touring. That’s a great starting point. Then I get to re-work them as the performer I am now, for some of them that’s 15 years on. But perhaps above all I have worked this in more than any previous show.

“It began as a show to take abroad for people who hadn’t seen me. It is made up of all the best bits of the previous tours, put together to form a new show with its own stand-alone integrity. The result, everyone felt, was such a strong show that we decided to tour it here under the banner of a ‘best of’. The material has been re-envisioned and re-worked.”

Derren has been in the public eye for 15 years starting as a magician. He has since produced and directed his shows to adapt to television and theatres.

He commented: “It’s reached a point of total comfort for me, where everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, every possibility has been explored, and it’s a total delight to go out and enjoy night after night.

“I started off as a live performer, so I suppose it’s always been my first love. Any sort of magic is always better live than on TV so I’ve let the television work move into a very different area while keeping the mind-reading and so on for the stage.”

He has just seen former show The Push receive its global release on Netflix. The show has received some negative feedback since the release as he explained: “With people being more used to me here, I’d forgotten that the premise of such a show might cause outrage if you didn’t know me. Possibly if you do. Plus I’ve been tied up with editing the brand new one that’ll go out later in the year, which I am sure will press some sensitive buttons.”

He has been nominated for an Olivier award for the ‘best entertainment and family’ category. The awards night is on Sunday April 8 just two days before his show begins in Eastbourne.

Being nominated for a family entertainment category is interesting as Derren has been seen to complete controversial acts both on stage and for the small screen. He said: “I try to find a strong dramatic hook, a good intelligent reason for doing it, and not pull any punches. Some of the shows have been ‘noisier’ than others, I had a group of OAPs steal a painting from a gallery. So I try to stay interesting, make strong dramatic work, and let the shows grow up with me as my own interests change. I think that’s the best anyone can do.” By Martyn Greenstreet.