True chiller waits in the wings

Review of Dangerous Obsession at the Devonshire Park Theatre by Laura Sonier.

IF YOU’RE in the habit of letting vague acquaintances into your house when they knock, unannounced, you might think twice after watching this play.

The scantily clad, and suspicious, Sally (Anna Brecon) is suitably frosty when a man appears suddenly at her conservatory door.

But when John (George Telfer) reveals the couple have met before, she invites him in to wait for her husband Mark (Ben Roddy) and pours the first of many gin and tonics.

John maintains he has a business matter to discuss with the couple, but polite chitchat soon turns sinister when he, slowly, reveals his real intentions.

Revelations are spilled, the balance of power shifts from scene to scene and gunshots ring out.

It’s not easy for a three-hander, with just the one (fairly lacklustre) set to hold the audience’s attention, but the play – by NJ Crisp – is paced thoughtfully enough to succeed.

It’s a shame that the rather ordinary set both fails to convince (the couple are supposed to live in luxury) and fails to ramp up the tension – I doubt many people find bright red 80s-style blinds remotely claustrophobic or threatening – and not every plot point is completely believable.

However, the performance from George Telfer is suitably enigmatic, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience on their toes and the play delivers plenty of fun.

Dangerous Obsession is on at the Devonshire Park Theatre until Saturday night, with evening performances at 7.45pm and a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Tickets cost from £13.50-£18, call 412000.