Top-class show from the Stagers

Be Our Guest Again
Be Our Guest Again

THIS whirlwind journey through many of the most popular numbers from musicals of the past 60 years followed a format of dividing the period into its own distinctive decades.

Enhanced with back projections of historic events during these years it was as much an imaginative trip down memory lane as a triumph of co-operation and organisation. Bringing together nearly eighty local guys and girls, many making their stage debuts or not old enough to appreciate the ‘again’ in the title, this slickly-performed show not only provided top-class entertainment but also highlighted the high standards which are repeatedly achieved on the Eastbourne amateur musical scene.

Produced by the indefatigable Dotty Briant, and directed with flair by Luisa Veitch, wholeheartedly assisted by co-choreographers Fiona Dean and Tessa Smith, the show benefited too from the enthusiasm of co-musical directors Daniel Goodyear and Carl Greenwood.

Two professional musicians who ensure the highest standards in any production with which they are involved.

Special mention too for Doug Morgan, lighting design and operation, whose ingenuity and expertise, together with a dazzling range of costumes co-ordinated by Eloise Morris which accurately reflected every musical showcased, ensured the production was as visually appealing as it was musically memorable.

With show-stoppers from 25 different musicals, and with something for every age-group, highlights were ‘Born to Hand Jive’ from Grease; ‘People’s Song’ from Les Miserables; ‘Jailhouse Rock’ from The Blues Brothers; ‘Can’t Stop The Beat’ from ‘Hairspray’ and the younger cast members in ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ from Annie, and ‘Just Can’t Wait to be King’ from The Lion King.

To name individual performers would be invidious. This was a heartwarming ensemble production in which everyone starred. There would be few in the audience who would not wish to receive an invitation from the Stagers to be their guest – again!