THEATRE: Devonshire Park date for a classic thriller...

Black Veil
Black Veil

THE thoroughly chilling The Black Veil comes to the Devonshire Park Theatre from March 22-26.

Adapted from the famous short story by Charles Dickens, the John Goodrum play is a classic thriller, full of suspense.

Set in Dickensian London, The Black Veil features mystery, lurking shadows and a brooding sense of menace as the plot intriguingly builds towards its ultimate climax.

One winter’s evening a young doctor is disturbed by a visitor, an event which may change his life forever.

A woman appears distressed and frightened but what is her deadly secret? What terrifying and tragic mystery lies behind her shroud?

What shocking events await the new doctor as he ventures in to the darkest most miserable parts of London?

As the play slowly unfolds, audiences are taken on a tale which shifts between mystery, madness, revenge and a twisted love story.

Evening performances are at 7.45pm with Wednesday and Saturday matinees at 2.30pm.

Tickets cost £13.50-£19.50, call 412000.