The many talents of Julian Clary

Julian Clary in The Joy Of Mincing
Julian Clary in The Joy Of Mincing

Julian Clary, national trinket, author, TV and radio star is coming up our way - and will be at the Congress Theatre on May 18.

The Joy of Mincing is Julian Clary’s celebration of 30 years as a camp comedian. Julian comments: “I always like to get ‘mincing’ into the title. We’ve had Lord of the Mince; Natural Born Mincer; and Mincing Machine was my first tour in 1989. I don’t know why; it sets the tone, doesn’t it?

“I suppose mincing, apart from being a means of walking around, is a way of life. The Joy of Mincing is a declaration of the joy of life despite disapproval, perhaps.”

There is so much Julian has to tell to his audience - the ups and downs of his love life, the true account of how he saved Dame Joan Collins’ life, and the perils of his DIY electrical home enema kit.

On stage Julian will proudly wear his well-deserved M.B.E. (Mincer of the British Empire). It was the last thing he expected to receive when he knelt down in front of Prince Charles in the scullery at Buckingham Palace.

And Julian will be handing out honours to a lucky few in the audience too. This is Julian at his filthy best - live and unplugged.

With a variety of credits to his name Julian is not only a comedian but presenter, author and established pantomime star. His colourful career has seen him win Celebrity Big Brother in 2012, become a Sunday Times best-selling novelist, complete countless smash-hit tours and front a brand new three-part natural history series for ITV, entitled Nature Nuts, which aired in August.

Last year, Julian added children’s author to his long list of credits, publishing the delightfully amusing book The Bolds. Next month sees the the second instalment of the series, The Bolds to the Rescue (Andersen Press, RRP £6.99), another helping of hilarious fun and mischief with Britain’s wildest family of hyenas. It is released on March 3. He says of writing children’s books: “They flow out of me, I don’t know where they’re all coming from. It’s delightful; I just have such a lovely time writing them. Making children laugh is a whole new thing for me, it’s lovely. No child pretends to laugh - it’s very genuine. It’s obviously a world away from my usual filth but that’s liberating. A whole new World... I guess because I enjoy writing them so much that somehow comes across.”