Television comedy duo play it straight with a bit of misadventure

THE LEAD cast members of the main summer production at the Devonshire Park Theatre this year, Murder by Misadventure, visited Eastbourne to promote the production which opens on July 14.

Gareth Hale and Norman Pace came to the Grand Hotel to discuss their roles in this ingenious thriller, written by Bexhill based writer Edward Taylor.

The comedy duo who are also both experienced stage and screen actors, took in the sea air and the luxurious surroundings at the town’s premier hotel before rehearsals begin later this month.

Murder by Misadventure is the first time the pair have been reunited on a UK stage in more than 10 years and for the first time ever in a straight play.

The pair began working with each other 38 years ago while at teacher training college and went on to become one of the nations favourite comedy double acts, Hale and Pace.

This new production of the West End thriller centres around the relationship between two warring scriptwriters whose mutual dislike of each other lead to dramatic consequences.

Whilst there isn’t any tension between Gareth and Norman, there are some similarities to the characters that they portraying who adopt a similar method of working to them when writing their own material.

“I’m the one who gets it all down on paper, or onto my PC, to turn it into a script which we can work from,” said Norman.

“Whilst Gareth lies back saying the words and imagines the characters we are depicting.

“This is exactly how Kent and Riggs work. It is about a relationship, which is what we have, so it is easy for us to understand the parts we are playing.”

“Except in the play Kent plots to kill Riggs, and neither of us has gone that far,” added Gareth.

Murder by Misadventure is at the Devonshire Park Theatre from July 14-August 13.

Tickets cost from £13.50-£18, to book call 412000.