Swords, sorcery and Shakespeare

Macbeth performed by EODS
Macbeth performed by EODS

EODS Productions are performing Tim Marriott’s production of Macbeth in the Italians Gardens, Holywell from July 25-August 4 (nightly at 7.45pm, except Sunday).

In this play we are presented with a Machiavellian general who excels at deception, buying into his own press as delivered by the witches.

He possess an exceptional verbal ability but is emotionally immature, easily manipulated by his alluring and ambitious young wife.

He has a compulsive need to control and anyone who opposes him is ruthlessly brought down.

He is evasive, quick to blame others, impatient and arrogant but displays a demonic energy, fighting to the last, clinging on to a false reality even when his inevitable demise is staring him full in the face.

Giving the play a dark ages setting, the production will deliberately echo the ‘swords and sorcery’ genre in order to highlight the supernatural elements, accenting the power of the fates over man, but also making the play relevant and poignant, providing a backdrop to engage the audience with some of the greatest poetry ever written.

Covered seating is available with onsite toilets.

The refreshment marquee will offer a bar, tea/coffee. and homemade cakes.

Tickets cost £14, call 412000.