Some deftly daft theatre for our Very Hard Times

VERY Hard Times is appearing at the Eastbourne College Theatre on March 1 (7pm).

Armed with three very fine comic performances this is a hugely enjoyable piece of theatre which tackles the thorny issue of economic hardship.

As the lights fade up we dimly perceive a low-income couple with one child.

A knock on the door... and their lives are changed forever by the irresistible temptations of a loan shark.

Greed, lust and the odd song & dance number take hold, while our hero weighs up the pros and cons of recapturing his erring wife. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll laugh again, then you’ll cry some more. This will go on for some time. But one question will remain: how on earth could the genre have survived a hundred years? Well it did...and it’s back!

Written by Angus Barr and directed by Phil Booth, this is a piece of deftly daft theatre for our very hard times.

Tickets cost £9 and are available by calling 452255 or email: