Review by J. Turner: The Ghost and Mrs Muir, Devonshire Park Theatre

Anna Brecon
Anna Brecon

A LONELY widow and the cantankerous ghost of a sea captain make for a romantic if ghostly tale at the Devonshire Park Theatre this week, directed by Patric Kearns.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir, adapted from a novel by RA Dick and subsequent film, has been brought to the stage by Brighton based producers and stars Anna Brecon as the widowed Mrs Muir and the charismatic, and really quite dashing if even for a spirit George Telfer as Daniel Gregg.

The simple set, designed by Claire Booth and imaginative use of sound effects take the audience to Gull cottage, a picturesque if somewhat unusual remote three-bedroom cottage for rent at a suspiciously low price of £52 a year.

While previous tenants have been scared off, Mrs Muir is a woman made of sterner stuff and resolves to spend a night in the supposedly haunted abode.

With her cook (Julia Binns) she comes, and stays and provides the haunted Sea Captain with a friend, an ally and well I can’t spoil the rest!

The cast including Marcus Hutton as the suave Miles Fairley make good use of the script and the staging whilst simple is effective.

A light play with laughs and romance it’s a pleasing and fresh production.

There are evening performances on Friday and Saturday at 7.45pm, with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.Tickets cost £13.50-£19.50, call 412000.