Remembering the suffering and loss of the First World War

Last week, Eastbourne College and The Wish Tower joined with human rights theatre company BADAC to present WW1 piece, The Flood by Steve Lambert.

This follows the relationship between a frontline soldier and a nurse, and highlights, through correspondence and snatched private moments, the brutality of their existence, the banality of war and the immediacy of death.

This dramatization of a tragic love was atmospheric and powerfully delivered to standing audiences in the basement of The Wish Tower. The play give a tremendous insight into the insanity of that war, the cost of human suffering and why we stand in silence to remember the fallen. Liz Crew of The Wish Tower Friends said: “We were delighted to host this production of The Flood. This moving production complemented the space perfectly and we hope the Wish Tower can be a venue for arts productions more, and more in future. Thanks to Badac and Eastbourne College.”