Private Peaceful awaits firing squad

Private Peaceful, the acclaimed stage production based on Michael Morpurgo’s popular World War One novel, comes to the Devonshire Park Theatre from Monday, November 17 to Wednesday, November 19.

In a poignant commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the war, Private Peaceful relives the life of Private Tommo Peaceful, a young soldier awaiting the firing squad at dawn after being court-martialled for cowardice.

During the night he looks back at his short but joyful past growing up in rural Devon: his exciting first days at school; the accident in the forest that killed his father; his adventures with Molly, the love of his life; and the battles and injustices of war that brought him to the front line.

Michael Morpurgo’s inspiration for Private Peaceful came from a visit to Ypres where he was shocked to discover how many young soldiers were court-martialled and shot for cowardice during the war.

t was first published in 2003 and adapted for the stage by Simon Reade in 2004.

Since 2005, Reade’s production has gone on to play at the Edinburgh Festival, three seasons in the West End and on sell-out tours to great acclaim. A film version of the book was released in 2012

Andy Daniel (Journey’s End, History Boys, Beautiful Thing), who plays Private Tommo, has earned glowing reviews for his sensitive portrayal of the young soldier. Suitable for ages 8+