More drama off the pitch than on it in Ayckbourn’s Intimate Exchanges

Intimate Exchanges
Intimate Exchanges

THE NATION’S favourite living playwright returns to the Devonshire Park Theatre from July 3-7 with A Cricket Match, which forms part of Alan Ayckbourn’s acclaimed Intimate Exchanges series of plays.

A Cricket Match is one of Ayckbourn’s cleverest and most delightful plays which takes the audience on a hilarious journey through the difficulties and complications of marital discontent.

Although part of a series of inter-changeable plays it can still be enjoyed on its own.

This funny, touching, hilarious and at times poignant comedy has an Englishman’s passion for cricket as its background.

On a hazy summer’s day the “teachers versus pupils” cricket match features more drama off the pitch than on!

Celia, the headmaster’s wife, fears her marriage to the troubled Toby, may well be over.

She confides in Toby’s best friend, the socially awkward Miles, who is married to the flamboyant and vivacious Rowena, who is given to absurd practical jokes and indiscreet extra-marital affairs.

Miles has feelings of his own for Celia however and a shoulder to cry on can lead further.

At a summer’s cricket match, where Lionel the incompetent school caretaker and grounds man has sabotaged the pitch, Miles and Toby come to blows over a dubious umpiring decision.

Assisted by their respective wives, the result is decisions have to be made. Evening performances are at 7.45pm, with 2.30pm matinees on Wednesday and Saturday.

Tickets cost from £13.40-£19.50, call 412000.