Mesmerising performance and all the best bits from Derren Brown

Derren Brown 2017
Derren Brown 2017

Derren Brown is preparing to take new show Underground around the country in 2018, stopping at the Devonshire Park Theatre from April 10-14.

He says this performance is made up of of “all the best bits” from previous tours put together to form a new show.

Derren commented: “The material has been re-envisioned and re-worked - and by its nature is different from night to night anyway. People who come after having seen those previous shows are telling me they are being caught out and surprised again, which is great to hear.

“Firstly it’s all the best material. So nothing feels like filler. It’s the absolute favourite routines, been picked from 15 years of touring. That’s a great starting point. Then I get to re-work them as the performer I am now, for some of them that’s 15 years on. But perhaps above all I have worked this in more than any previous show. I took a different production of it out to NYC, and have performed it pretty much every night for ten months: it’s reached point of total comfort for me, where everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, every possibility has been explored, and it’s a total delight to go out and enjoy night after night.”

Having started entertaining in 2003 Derren could never have predicted his live stage success would be so enduring.

“I started off as a live performer, so I suppose it’s always been my first love. Any sort of magic is always better live than on TV so I’ve let the television work move into a very different area while keeping the mind-reading and so on for the stage. I’ve worked with the same couple of guys - Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor - for almost all of the shows, which is invaluable. We really understand what goes into a show and how to work together to make it happen. And how to make it over-deliver: to give you more than you expect. It’s been huge fun for us all to go back through the material, choose our favourites, and re-work them into a new and coherent show. We each have our own strengths and somehow they all come together to make a big bundle of joy.”

In 2019, he is planning to tour America with Derren Brown Secret having enjoyed succewss in New York and realising the time is right. “There are all sorts of grown-up considerations involved in getting a show together, on or off Broadway; you have to have investors and new producers and whatnot. It takes a while. I’ve barely done anything in the US over the years as I wanted to make sure I did it properly and in a way that was enjoyable. Going the stage route seemed to be the most fun option: I’ve always enjoyed stage more than TV.

He is currently working on a new TV special for Netflix and hopes to work with Channel 4 again in the near future. Darren has also enjoyed succes with his book Happy, of which he said: “Writing the book made me very happy. I think I’m at my happiest engaged in a project like that. Reading and writing for hours on my own makes me feel very good. Especially as I tend to do it most when I’m on tour, so I get to then go out and show off on stage for a couple of hours after being tucked away working. A big source of happiness is having meaning, and immersion in a creative project certainly offers that. And being outward - rather than inward-looking: letting your sense of self spread out and connect with others - or at least something outside yourself. I feel that strongly when I’ve been reading the right sort of book and then I step out into the street and feel all warm and gooey towards everyone. That’s the best feeling. It’s important for us to find our own ways of getting lost in something bigger than ourselves: that’s how we find meaning.” Tickets have already gone on sale - call 01323 412000 or visit