Maggie, Mr Big and “plenty of naughty bits” on stage

Adele Silva
Adele Silva

If you haven’t heard of 50 Shades of Grey in the last 18 months then you must of been living on another planet from the rest of womankind, many of whom have taken the trilogy of erotic novels into their hearts and bedrooms.

But you could be forgiven for not knowing anything about 51 Shades of Maggie, a comedy send up of the best- selling novels starring Adele Silva and currently gracing the Congress Theatre stage.

For the uninitiated, lovable Maggie is a working class girl who knows what she wants in a man, however, like most women, has been let down by all the men in her life.

Attending an interview at the Social Security office, Maggie meets the handsome Mr Big and in a one woman spoof Adele embarks on a journey of love, booze, whips with plenty of effing and jeffing thrown in to discover if he is the man of her dreams or nightmares.

The show, says Adele, who took time off from rehearsals during the show’s run in Newcastle last week to speak to the Herald, is not for the easily offended with its strong language, sexual innuendo and “plenty of naughty bits”.

“Maggie is a very out there, in your face sort of character who isn’t afraid to say what she wants and doesn’t want,” said 32-year-old Adele, who shot to fame as the biggest bitch in soap land, stroppy sulky Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale.

“But underneath it all she is looking for Mr Right and the play is about her adventures as she sees whether this Mr Big is the man for her.

“There’s a lot of sex described and mentioned but it’s all within the context of Maggie’s adventure.

“We had an 83-year-old lady in the audience lately who chuckled throughout the show so it obviously didn’t offend her too much.

“It’s a couple of hours of escapism and because everybody likes a strong female, there is an underlying message of girl power in the play too which is good.”

Adele said she is looking forward to the three night run in Eastbourne as she is no stranger to the town.

“I’m from south London and when we were kids we would get taken to the seaside, normally Brighton or Eastbourne, so I remember it well and am looking forward to seeing how it has changed,” said the actress who when she isn’t on the road darts between south London and her home in Leeds.

After her run with 51 Shades of Maggie comes to an end, Adele will start rehearsing for her role as a wicked witch in this year’s York pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In the meantime she is very much enjoying being Maggie.

“I love her, I think she’s great,” said Adele, “and I think the audiences like her too which makes it all worthwhile.”

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