Madcap comedy a Shady Business

Shady Business at The Devonshire Park Theatre SUS-140406-140356001
Shady Business at The Devonshire Park Theatre SUS-140406-140356001

The summer season at the Devonshire Park Theatre continues with the madcap comedy Shady Business (June 10-14) – the second show in the three-week Dead Funny Season.

This chaotic comedy comes from the pen of Don’t Dress for Dinner and Perfect Wedding author Robin Hawdon, and stars Scott Wright (Coronation Street) and David Callister (The Bill).

Set in a ‘glamorous’ Soho nightclub in London’s glittering West End we meet struggling dancers Mandy and Tania, whose lives are about to be turned upside down.

There is an assembled troupe of larger-than-life characters ranging from the possessive night club owner (and Mandy’s boyfriend) Big Mack, his hired associates Dozer and Harry, the hapless Terry and the frankly bewildered Gerry.

Identities will become confused, situations will become ludicrous and just don’t mention that there’s money missing from the till - which has been lost on the clubs own roulette table!

Described as a cross between Guys and Dolls and Some Like It Hot it’s a production which barely takes breath before the final side-splitting conclusion.