Louise Jameson joins Shakespeare show

Louise Jameson
Louise Jameson

FORMER EastEnders star Louise Jameson will be marking the second anniversary of the Lamb Theatre by performing an afternoon of Shakespeare on July 31 (3pm).

An inspirational speech from As You Like It, one of Shakespeare’s most profound insights, spoken by the cynical figure of Jacques, is used as a spring board to introduce many other works from the last 400 years.

We travel through a life from birth to death with poems, prose, jokes, famous literature and beautiful music.

Joining Louise will be actor Nigel Fairs and pianist Adam Rood.

At all times, Louise Jameson is an engaging and charismatic performer who is adept at pulling her audience into her characters’ world.

Tickets cost £10 and £8 (concs) and are available from the Lamb or by calling 0845 680 1926. Book online at www.thelambtheatre.co.uk.