Lee Nelson and his latest tour

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Fix an interview with character comedian Simon Brodkin, and it’s not Simon you get, but his most famous character, Lee Nelson.

Lee, star of Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show and Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People on BBC Three, guest host of Live at the Apollo, is out on the road with a date at The Royal Hippodrome theatre on Saturday November 21 at 8pm. And as Lee is at pains to tell you, he’s a different chap these days.

In the new show Lee’s swapping his shorts and baseball cap clobber for a more mature look and attitude. Now suited and booted, a more thoughtful Lee has begun to engage with life outside his estate and is grappling with bigger issues, such as religion and immigration.

“Yes, I have grown up,” Lee says. “I thought it was about time. I have just had my 14th child. I don’t know exactly how many different mothers there have been. I think I have got the charts somewhere at home, but I suppose it is about three or four, and it felt time to grow up.”

And that is Lee’s idea of growing up – or, as he says, looking a little bit more outside his estate. He’s getting interested in politics and global warming. Why, he even fancies being prime minister. He is promising instant benefits for everyone.

“If I became prime minister, crime would be slashed and teenage pregnancy would plummet... because I would be far too busy being prime minister!”

Which isn’t to say he wouldn’t enjoy all the second homes and expenses; and yes, he reckons that all still goes on; “All the politicians are the same, aren’t they?”

But in the event Lee’s political ambitions aren’t realised, he is delighted to be out on tour: “There is no denying I am in a different hotel in a different place every night, and when you have just had a little baby at home, that’s a great result. I started planning this nine months ago.”

Plus it’s fun going up north: “People are people wherever, though obviously the further north you go, the less they understand about the show, but the less I understand them when they say something. But they are always welcoming whoever they are.” Tickets from £17, on 01323 80 20 20 or www.royalhippodrome.com