Ken spreading a little Happiness at the Congress

COMEDY legend Ken Dodd returns to the Congress Theatre for his regular summer date on Sunday, August 5 (starting at 7.30pm).

Arguably Britain’s most established comedian, Ken Dodd is back with his Happiness Show and is sure to provide another fabulously entertaining evening.

Ken’s natural warmth and comedy timing have resulted in a diverse career, encompassing singing, acting and of course comedy spanning more than 50 years; which includes working with Sir Kenneth Branagh (Or ‘Ken Branflake’ as Ken calls him) in Hamlet to having The Beatles support him!

Multi-award winner Ken has achieved great recognition for his contribution to British comedy, including an OBE, and at the age of 84 he shows no sign of slowing down.

Renowned for the length of his performances, he earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records in the 1960’s for the world’s longest ever joke-telling session: 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours (7.14 jokes per minute).

Audiences had to enter the show in shifts!

And he holds the record for the longest comedy season at the London Palladium with a residency of an astonishing 42 weeks, posted back in 1965.

Tickets cost £17.50-£19.50, call 412000.