Hale and Pace play it straight on stage in ingenious thriller

Hale and Pace star in Murder by Misadventure
Hale and Pace star in Murder by Misadventure

THE INGENIOUS thriller Murder by Misadventure is playing at the Devonshire Park Theatre this summer.

In a luxury penthouse apartment, built overlooking the English Channel, a deadly battle of wits is taking place.

Harold Kent and Paul Riggs are successful television crime writers but Kent wants to dissolve their association by fair means or, if necessary, foul.

Taking inspiration from one of their own scripts, it’s the perfect murder, or is it?

Everything appears to go extremely smoothly until the tenacious Inspector Egan arrives on the scene, but is anything as it seems?

Locking horns in this deadly battle are Gareth Hale and Norman Pace. Originally best known as one of the nations favourite comedy double acts, they have gone on to carve out successful independent careers as actors in their own right, appearing in the West End and all over the country.

Now they re-unite for the first time in over a decade. Gone are the comedy characters and instead it’s just them, cast opposite each other in a play for the first time ever.

Norman Pace said, “Gone are the sketch show characters of our past, instead it’s just us, and a plot that has more twists and turns than a plateful of spaghetti.”

Murder By Misadventure is a complete departure from the Hale and Pace comedy shows millions tuned in to during the 1980s and 90s.

“For the past decade or so, Gareth and I haven’t worked together at all in the UK; only in Australia, where we have toured our comedy sketch show, The Hale and Pace Show, so the chance to work with me old mucker in a play is too good to miss.”

Produced by Eastbourne Theatres, the team behind Gotta Sing Gotta Dance, Private Lives and Deadly Game, not to mention the last 10 Devonshire Park Theatre pantomimes, this summer production is a shrewd, tightly plotted thriller written by Edward Taylor.

Evening performances are at 7.45pm, with Wednesday and Saturday matinees, from July 14-August 13.

Tickets cost from £13.50-£18, call 412000.