Dark drama of crime thriller

Dial M For Murder at Under Ground Theatre
Dial M For Murder at Under Ground Theatre

Frederick Knott’s intense and darkly gripping thriller, Dial M For Murder, famously filmed by Alfred Hitchcock, is on stage this November at the Under Ground Theatre.

Performances are nightly at 7.30pm from November 19-21.

Tony is convinced his wife is having an affair. The audience watches mesmerised at Tony’s precision in planning what must surely be the perfect murder - until it falters in the most unexpected way. Claustrophobic and frightening, this exciting new production reclaims this brilliant tale of betrayal, passion and ultimately, murder.

From Bootcamp Theatre, the company behind The Ladykillers and Yes, Prime Minister at the Under Ground Theatre in 2015.

Tickets £11. Call 0845 680 1926 or buy direct from Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre.