Cornish charm and storytelling from Jethro

Jethro had the Congress Theatre audience rocking with laughter at his crude jokes – thanks to his superb comic timing and Cornish charm.

The charismatic veteran comedian – real name Geoff Rowe – got away with non-stop vulgar tales about graphic sexual experiences and perversions, many of them involving himself or his simpleton fictional friend Denzil.

His targets included the French, the Germans, the Welsh and the gays in Brighton. But he harped too much on his obsession with genitalia, and several of the punchlines were predictable, especially as much of his material was the same as he had used previously. Fortunately Jethro’s superb storytelling technique kept the laughs coming.

The 68-year-old former operatic society member also entertained us as a singer and guitar player, with his deep-voiced rendition of Some Enchanted Evening earning great applause. But the outstanding musical offerings came from support act Shaun Perry who captivated us with his rich tenor voice.

The second-half of the show tailed off slightly, but Jethro and Perry worked well together, and the comedian ended with a series of slickly delivered gags while strumming away on his guitar. By Tony Flood.