Cheeky Lee Nelson as audacious as ever

Lee Nelson, the creation of comedian Simon Brodkin, had the Royal Hippodrome rocking with laughter for almost an hour and a half - from his opening remark that coming to Eastbourne put his own problems into prospective.

This master showman has the knack of connecting with his audience despite repeatedly insulting them.

Now 38, he has swapped his baseball cap and sportswear for a two-piece suit, and is not so ‘full on’. But otherwise he is the same cheerful, cheeky chav who gets away with racism, sexism and homophobia by charming us with his infectious smile.

A few of his laddish jibes miss the mark, but Simon’s great comedic timing enables him to exploit the big isssues – family, fatherhood, immigrants and politics. Brodkin, trained as a doctor, delivers because he knows how to work the crowd, picking on individuals to insult in much the same way as pub landlord Al Murray does. But, as Lee Nelson, he tends to rely too much on running gags at the expense of a teenager, an old-timer, a married couple and a Scotsman. Nothing is off limits, as he proved in a publicity stunt in which he showered Sepp Blatter with cash as an apparent World Cup ‘bribe’. He can give offence, but most of the packed Hippodrome audience loved him! By Tony Flood.