Bleak House - Pantaloon style

Bleak House SUS-140610-102523001
Bleak House SUS-140610-102523001

Bleak House, the Dickens tale of love and skulduggery, will be performed at the Under Ground Theatre Saturday, October 25 - at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

This version of the first English detective story has been newly adapted for all the family in true Pantaloon theatre company style - hilarious, rebellious and peppered with songs.

Bleak House is set in fog-fuelled Victorian London and has the perfect recipe for a thrilling drama: powerful female protagonists, interweaving mysteries, deliciously nasty villains and a thrilling finale.

When a dead body is discovered in Mr Krook’s Rag-and-Bone shop, a web of mysteries starts to untangle, with far-reaching consequences.

Dickens larger-than-life characters and playful self-reflexive prose lend themselves to the company’s unique brand of physical storytelling; a style that synthesises clowning, improvisation and live music to create truly unmissable shows.