Animal Crackers with Marx Brothers

Treat yourself to an afternoon of ‘downright funny sequences’ and the comic genius of the Marx Brothers by coming to see ‘Animal Crackers’, on Sunday, June 16 (2.30pm) at The Under Ground Theatre in Eastbourne.

The film is packed with one-liner jokes, comedy sketches and visual gags and stars the four Marx brothers, Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo as well as Lillian Roth and Margaret Dumont.

This early talkies-era film criticises sophisticated and affected high-society life through a plot where mayhem and zaniness ensue.

Groucho plays the explorer Captain Geoffrey Spaulding, in whose honour a party is thrown by high society hostess, Mrs. Rittenhouse.

During the party a valuable painting goes missing and Captain Spaulding takes it upon himself to investigate.

The film was directed by Victor Heerman and adapted from a successful 1928 Broadway musical of the same title, also starring the Marx Brothers and Margaret Dumont.

The film was both a critical and commercial success upon initial release and remains one of the Marx Brothers’ most loved and often quoted movies. It was the last film the brothers made in New York.