A great afternoon of comedy and music

THE LAMB Theatre was once again host to a great afternoon of comedy, pathos and evocative music when Louise Jameson (still fondly remembered by many as Leela in Doctor Who), David Warwick and the Trio Lavolta came together to present a varied programme to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

On a day when most people think of loved ones who were lost in the Great War, then World War 2 and now the conflicts that are still with us, the audience were entertained with a variety of readings, some of which were familiar and some not.

To add variety to the afternoon we were also treated to nostalgic and, sometimes, powerful music from the Trio Lavolta interspersed with the readings. The trio got us into the right mood by playing the Ivor Novello classic “Keep the Home Fires Burning”, from the “Dancing Years” while the audience took their seats and no sooner had the lights gone down when we were even more inspired by David Warwick giving us Shakespeare’s “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more” from “Henry V”.

From then on Louise and David offered us readings from a wide variety of sources, including, Thomas Hardy, Alan Bennett (“Forty Years on”), Joyce Grenfell, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and many others, some of them unknown. Amongst the many highlights we were treated to during whole performance was the 3rd movement from an unnamed piece of music written by Rebecca Clarke, a virtually unknown viola player during the early 1900s.

The intensity of the music, as played by the trio taking the audience into the interval, was such that many people were asking the name of the piece because it was so atmospheric.

Although the composer would not have been known to many, if any, it symbolised the amount of research that went into compiling the programme and the whole company must be congratulated for providing a look at war during the ages with some laughter and, at times, a few tears.

All in all a Remembrance Day to remember.