A frankly wonderful tribute

To Be Frank
To Be Frank

THE FIRST offering of The Studio Season is at the Devonshire Park Theatre on June 21 (7.45pm) for one night only.

The wonderful To Be Frank is an extremely funny and genuinely poignant tribute to the brilliant Frankie Howerd.

Howerd is the subject of the follow up to David Benson’s Think No Evil of Us – My Life With Kenneth Williams.

Benson gets right under the skin of his subjects, showing them as they really were behind the mask of the comedy.

Known to millions as Lurcio in Up Pompeii, Frankie Howerd, the man with the catchphrases was the star of innumerable films.

His career resembled a roller-coaster lurching from despair to triumph and back again, before ending up the toast of a new generation.

Ending with a brilliant Frankiesque finale, a song, a frighteningly funny comedy routine and the Secret of True Happiness, To Be Frank is sure to lift your spirits.

Tickets cost £12.50 or £8 for under-16s and students. Call 41200.