A different spin on Wizard of Oz

YEODS new version of the Wizard of Oz
YEODS new version of the Wizard of Oz

The upcoming Young EODS Production of The Wizard of Oz is rumoured to have a different spin on a classic tale.

Director Jade Powers has revealed that rehearsals are “so much fun” especially getting the Munchkins to shrink and said: “They have finally mastered this art thus achieving the stature of the needed little people.”

Jade says she wanted to ‘Wicked’ up the story a bit and so the roles of Elpheda and Glinda have been emphasised, and they have the famous bubble on stage...flying was out of the question so the company has built a bubble on wheels. Audiences will have to come to see the show to see how the magic works.

There is plenty of comedy with certain Scarecrow antics and special mention must be made of Lola playing Tonto. This little dog has taken to showbiz in a big way inspite of being dragged round at reahearsals.

All in all this Wizard of Oz is “a fabulous, fun and frothy magic show for everyone” in half term week. Come on join them to follow the yellow brick road.

The show runs from Tuesday to Saturday October 27-31 at the Devonshire Park Theatre. Performances are nightly at 7.30 pm with Matinees on Wednesday at 2.30 pm and Saturday at 3 pm. Please note there is no performance on Saturday evening, Tickets are now on sale at £14 (concessions available) by ringing 01323 412000 of go to www.eastbournetheatres. co .uk