A celebration of a legend

Daniel  Evans who plays Tommy Cooper with Malcolm Robinson KLTPLdBvntaCO0uYNh3M
Daniel Evans who plays Tommy Cooper with Malcolm Robinson KLTPLdBvntaCO0uYNh3M

There are comedians and then they ‘are’ comedians, the late great Tommy Cooper is in many people’s eyes one of the best British comics ever, a testament to his versatility in both clumsiness and his incredible talent to make people laugh.

Daniel Taylor (who plays Tommy Cooper) brought to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne, on Saturday July 25 the humour the fun and the magic tricks that we have all come to enjoy and love over the years.

With little more than a gate and a barrel of hats including the customary table of props on the stage, Daniel Taylor (as Tommy) along with fellow actors Sharon Byatt (who played Tommy’s long suffering wife Gwen) and Warrick Evans who played Tommy’s agent Miff Ferrie played out Tommy Cooper’s life from how he got his early break in theatre through to television.

This was a show not just dedicated to Tommy Cooper’s magic routine and gags, it also brought to the stage the troubled times which played a big part in Tommy Cooper’s life, his infidelity and partly his alcoholism. This was a roller coaster ride of hilarious one liner gags which admittedly many hardened Tommy Cooper fans knew off by heart.

Daniel Taylor had Cooper off to a T, his gestures, his movements were all spot on that daft grin and that daft laugh, all had the audience in stitches.

I loved the sketches “glass, bottle, bottle, glass”, “spoon, jar” and his box of hat tricks simply wonderful.

Comedians come and go but comedians like Tommy Cooper will always stand the test of time. There was something magical about Tommy’s performances and Daniel Taylor’s recreation in Eastbourne was simply outstanding. The audience lapped up their two hours of slapstick and I’m sure Daniel could have gone on for longer. One of the biggest seals of approval has come from Tommy Cooper’s estate including his daughter Victoria who have given Daniel their full approval for this show. I caught up with Daniel after the show and he stated that it was great to play Eastbourne, more so with Tommy Cooper’s association with the town and he very much hopes to come back.