Recreating The Good Olde Days

The Ropemaker Theatre Company is staging a Celebrating The Good Olde Days event at Hailsham Pavilion on Saturday, November 9. This event will be special being not only for the community but by the community.

People of a certain age will remember the TV series The Good Old Days featuring a host of variety acts, encouraged by the emcee, who stood on a podium with gavel in hand, spouting extraordinarily long words. Well, this is what’s being planned.

RTC has been looking for all types of acts – jugglers, magicians, actors, singers, comedians, acrobats, snake charmers and so on - to appear and has announced that auditions are now being held on Saturday, September 28, at 10am at the Hailsham Pavilion, George Street, Hailsham, BN27 1AE.

If anyone is interested, or knows anybody who can ‘do a turn’ – contact John Wilders on 07973 473321 or hook up via, or leave a message on the company’s Facebook page.