Rattonians ready to bring Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to stage

THE RATTONIANS will be performing the Disney classic Beauty at the Beast at the Congress Theatre from April 20-23.

The story of Beauty and The Beast is of the handsome but spoiled and selfish Prince being turned into a beast by an enchantress, who disguised as a beggar woman, offers a single rose in return for a display of kindness.

The Prince is disgusted by her ugliness and refuses her entry to his castle.

The enchantress casts a spell on the Prince and his courtiers, turning him into a repulsive beast as a punishment for his cruelty and changing the others into household objects.

The Prince is given a magic mirror with which to view the world outside the castle and the enchantress leaves him a single rose with the promise that if he found someone to love him, despite his hideous appearance, he would be released from the spell.

If, however, he failed to win someone’s love by the time the last petal fell, he would remain a beast for the rest of time.

He thinks the task is impossible but in a nearby village lives a beautiful girl called Belle who loves to read fairy tales and dreams of a real life adventure.

The role of The Beast will be played by Alex Adams with Chloe Shearer as Belle.

The arrogant Gaston who pursues Belle is played by Damon Willer with Jonathan Stephens as his side-kick Lefeu.

In the castle the transformed objects are led by Lumiere (Thomas Hackett) and Cogsworth (James Bell).

Melanie Adams is Mrs Potts with her son Chip being shared by Fin Hackett and Arley Gurney.

Evening performances are at 7.30pm with Thursday and Saturday matinees at 2.30pm.

Tickets cost from £12.50-£15, call 412000 to book.