Popular band remaining loyal to Eastbourne roots

City of Ashes near to Eastbourne Pier
City of Ashes near to Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne’s very own local boys City of Ashes were back in town this week, on the beach, with a photo shoot for their new up-and-coming album.

Did you spot them? “Eastbourne’s a great place, full of wonderful people, and has been good to us,” says lead singer Orion ‘Oz’ Powell.

City of Ashes on Eastbourne seafront

City of Ashes on Eastbourne seafront

“We want to celebrate how we feel a real part of the place and the photos featuring many of the town’s landmarks.”

Such as the ones here, taken down near our iconic pier.

And why the publicity? City of Ashes are unveiling their album with their ‘PreLaunch Album Party’ on Saturday, September 7, at the Under Ground Theatre, doors and bar at 7pm, music starting at 7.45pm.

This hotly-favoured event will be the first and only opportunity for fans to get their copy of the band’s debut album weeks ahead of general release.

The show will also kick off another long UK tour for the boys, whose following has been growing at a phenomenal rate since the this year’s single releases ‘Falling Star’, ‘The Highest Point of Living’ & ‘In Retrospect’, the videos for which have amassed around 10,000 YouTube views between them.

The Album, ‘All We Left Behind’ reflects on the story of singer Orion Powell’s personal journey through the past year spent writing and recording and represents a true coming of age for a band that has seen it all in the past 12 months - family bereavement, relationship breakdowns, and critical illnesses of both close friends and family members.

When asked about why they chose the Under round Theatre guitarist Dan ‘Freddy’ Frederick explained, “We simply wanted to put on the biggest rock show we can - something for our generation, something for OUR town.

“We’d been offered various bars and clubs but to us the opportunity to set up a show our way and do something really special always mattered more.

“The guys at the Under Ground really are in tune with what we’re doing. They are amazing.”

The Under Ground is aiming to become a leading venue for younger people’s music.

Remaining tickets for the event are selling fast and available from the band’s online store, the Under Ground Theatre (and its website) and the Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre. And at just £4 (£5 on the door) the night’s a bargain.