Pippa’s positivity well worth seeing

Avis Multispotticus - by Pippa Oliphant
Avis Multispotticus - by Pippa Oliphant

‘Anything natural rewards study’ is Eastbourne artist Pippa Oliphant’s typically inclusive motto.

Her debut solo show of paintings - Dumping the Cocoon - at the Eastbourne Teaching and Learning Centre, Park Lane, joyously and engagingly celebrates her last five years research.

Pippa’s positivity ranges across portraits that plumb beautiful depths of personality, landscapes with both strong and subtle colours and a potpourri of abstracts that suffuse Post-Impressionism with celebration of human, plant and animal life. Her originality shines through influences including Van Gogh and Rembrandt’s movement and searching light and Hans Heysen’s Australian watercolour landscapes.

Pippa’s pairing of the red raging of a bush fire and its dawn-yellow peaceful aftermath suggests nature’s self-purging renascence.

However, the warmth, vibrant colour and realism of this accessible collection are best summed up in the fanciful Avis Multispotticus (mixed media on canvas), a head and long neck portrait of a blue bird with a yellow egg-shaped background.

Even in some of the abstracts animal eyes draw in the observer’s to a warm affirmation of life.

Visiting pippaspaintings.co.uk should entice art lovers of various schools to this exhibition of how life and art can get along creatively in a view of nature with no illusions but no despair.

Pippa’s preference of butterflies to cocoons flies from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays until 25 August.