Pamela says ‘Oh yes I will!’ to panto proposal

Photo by Richard Davis''
Photo by Richard Davis''

A courageous Cowardly Lion got down on one knee and proposed to his partner in front of a packed audience during a pantomime performance in Hailsham – oh yes he did.

Louise Cobby began filming the stage after her mum, Pamela Abell, was asked to go up from the crowd.

But she had no idea that Pamela’s partner, Dave Williams, who was starring in the panto, was going to propose.

She captured the heartwarming moment on camera at Hailsham Theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz Pantomime at Hailsham Pavilion.

Louise said, “Such a surprise – thank you Dave for making my mum smile and for making her so happy. It’s all I’ve wanted for so long.”

Delighted Dave revealed he had no idea he was going to propose until the day before.

But when he got Pamela on stage, true to his character, Dave got too nervous and forgot the big speech he had prepared.

The 46-year-old care unit manager met and fell in love with mental health nurse Pamela, 43, at work.

Dave, from Hailsham, said, “I couldn’t have been playing a better character really.

“I’ve wanted to propose for a while, and I think Pam knew it was coming, too, but she had no idea I was going to do it on stage.

“My bottle went and I couldn’t remember the speech I’d written, so I just blurted it out.

“I blushed when she said ‘yes’ but you couldn’t tell because I was in my costume.”

Luckily for Dave, Pamela is a lifelong fan of panto. She said:,“I thought it was a joke at first, I had to ask him if it was real. It was such a surprise – I’m so over the moon with it all, and absolutely delighted.

“I’ll definitely never forget how courageous my Cowardly Lion is.”

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