Why Russell is called The Voice

Russell Watson - Up Close And Personal tour
Russell Watson - Up Close And Personal tour

Russell Watson demonstrated why he is dubbed ‘The Voice’ and is one of the world’s top tenors - with a stunning performance at a packed Congress Theatre - writes Heather Flood

The UK’S best-selling classical artist earned a standing ovation after captivating us with a full repertoire of songs from operas, hit musicals and ballads. There were emotive renditions of I Dreamed A Dream and an electrifying Nessun Dorma.

But there was much more to this concert than music. As promised, we saw Russell Watson up close and personal. He joked and bantered throughout and revealed how he fully appreciates every single day since overcoming two brain tumours. His stories, which included his early days performing in working men’s clubs, made it an intimate experience.

A relaxed Russell seemed completely unaffected by the fame that has come through selling more than seven million albums worldwide.

He was superbly accompanied by the Masquerade String Quartet, guitarist Chris Allard and pianist and musical director Edward J. Rugman.

Russell also dueted delightfully with highly talented soprano Rebecca Newman, who sang Dare to Dream from her album. During the tour Watson invites local choirs to accompany him and at the Congress he was joined by the inChoir. They added to a truly magical evening