Well-known singer songwriter who also campaigns for justice

Singer-songwriter Garth Hewitt appears on Friday November 13 at 7.15pm at All Saints Church in this southernmost venue of his 2015 tour entitled ‘A Future and a Hope - an evening with Garth Hewitt.’

Garth has been writing songs and touring for 40 years, and is also known for founding the Christian human rights charity Amos Trust in 1985, giving a voice to untold stories of forgotten communities he meets during his singing and speaking engagements around the world, and to pursue his commitment to justice and peace.

Garth’s experiences in deprived and suffering areas of the world shape his lyrics and message - so as well as the fun which is always a part of Garth’s concerts, the evening is moving and challenging as he tells the stories behind the songs. Garth is also an honorary Canon of St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought.For tickets or more information about the concert ring 01323 639390 or 734742.