Standing ovation was very well-deserved

THE EASTBOURNE Orchestral Society is celebrating its diamond anniversary year throughout 2011 at the Town Hall.

The oldest orchestra in Eastbourne founded in 1951 and always with the incumbent mayor as president is still going strong and we can all look forward to an exciting year.

With their usual panache and fascinating choice of music the opening concert in March was well up to standard in the capable hands of Conductor Adrian Shepherd.

Danish composer Carl Neilson began his musical career as a boy bugler in the army.

Helios is one of his early works technically difficult but musically very interesting.

Dubbed as an overture it is in reality a tone poem from Sunrise to Sunset the rising sun begins with the horns and gradually the rest of the orchestra takes over through a mid day storm to a magnificent sunset.

Then from Denmark to the world of films. The Wild West and the unforgettable music of The Big Country which can still stir the listener with it’s scope of space and feelings.

Although I had never heard of the composer Moross I still, with the rest of the audience, thrilled to this rendering of his music.

It was followed by a discovery, from a seldom heard composer Reinecke. His delightful Symphony No.1 in A.

Born in Alsace in 1623 he lived to a ripe old age and died aged 85 in 1722. Bach was greatly influenced by him and as a youth would walk from Luneberg to Hamburg to hear him play.

As always, the highlight of the evening came in the second half of this first concert of the Diamond Jubilee year and saw the coming together of one of the most wonderful violin concertos ever and an equally wonderful violinist to perform it.

Beethoven’s opus 61 in D performed by Angus Anderson a Professor of Violin in Aberdeen, Associate leader of the Royal Scottish National and a senior member of the LPO. who is also a founder member of Cantilena and the Cantilena Festival on Islay.

I find it difficult to do any sort of critique on this performance by a master violinist who brought to this, so well known, concerto a depth and breadth which I have seldom if ever heard. He well deserved the standing ovation he received.

Look out for the next concert in the series on June 21 in the Town Hall with Brian Smith OBE conducting Encores and Requests.

Liz Gregory