Singer’s sorrowful song for a lost boy

Tony Norman's new song Boy On A Beach SUS-160601-123302001
Tony Norman's new song Boy On A Beach SUS-160601-123302001

When Eastbourne songwriter Tony Norman was looking back on last year one tragic event cut into his mind - the shocking death of a three-year-old boy whose body was washed up on a Turkish beach in September.

The memory of that terrible scene, the little boy described as the “tiny victim of a human catastrophe” on front pages, made him decide to do something to help.

“Like a lot of people I’d put the refugee crisis in Europe to the back of my mind,” Tony said. “But seeing those photographs of little Aylan Kurdi brought home the tragedy of the situation. When innocent children are dying, something has to change.”

Tony’s reaction was to write a new song called ‘Boy on a Beach’, which has already been featured on Meridian Tonight.

“I recorded the song with my friends Charlie Tipler and Jen Douglas,” he commented. “It is available as a free download and people can donate to Save the Children or Text Santa if they choose. We’d like to raise money for children like Aylan if we can.”

See the video of ‘Boy on a Beach’ by Tipler Norman featuring Jen Douglas at Tony’s website