Relive the Fab Four when Upbeat Beatles take to the stage

Upbeat Beatles
Upbeat Beatles

RELIVE the ‘swingin’ 60s when The Upbeat Beatles make their first appearance at the Congress Theatre on May 26 (7.30pm).

It’s 1963 and Helen Shapiro, Chris Montez, Bobby Vee and new band The Beatles are playing a heady mixture of Blues, Motown and Roack at the Kilburn State Ballroom.

Move forward a few decades and in 2011, The Upbeat Beatles recreate this sound, bringing the ‘swingin’ 60s back with raw powerhouse vocals and a driving backbeat.

Formed in 1997, The Upbeat Beatles are now recognised as one of the premier Beatles tribute acts with a line up to rival the originals! John Wilson (Paul McCartney in The Upbeat Beatles), received his first major recording contract when his band, The Dodgers, signed to The Beatles’ record label and their debut album was produced by none other than George Harrison and Sir Paul McCartney.

He later starred in the movie Willy and the Poor Boys with Ringo Starr as well as members of The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Faces.

John is joined by acclaimed musicians Roger Channing (John Lennon), Colin Yates (George Harrison) and Paul Jarrett (Ringo Starr), ensuring a fantastic Beatles line-up ready to take you all back to the 60s with hits guaranteed to get you on your feet.

Tickets cost £16, call 412000.