Opera set the mould for G&S

The Eastbourne Gilbert & Sullivan Society is putting on The Sorcerer from Tuesday, May 7 to Saturday, May 11 at the Devonshire Park Theatre. The Sorcerer is the opera which set the mould for Gilbert and Sullivan. A lively story with all the usual characters, muddles and final happy ending.

Aline and Alexis are madly in love and wish that everyone in the village could be as happy as they are.

Alexis believes the power of love will level all social distinctions and employs a ‘family’ Sorcerer to create a love potion which everyone in the village drinks in their tea. They fall asleep and on waking fall in love with the first person they see, leading to some very inappropriate couples!

Performances are 7.45pm nightly, 2.30pm Wednesday and Saturday metinees.