Inspiration of Eddi Reader

Eddi Reader photographed by Genevieve Stevenson
Eddi Reader photographed by Genevieve Stevenson

Eddi Reader is a singer forever associated with the massive 1980s hit that was Perfect.

She is way more than a one-song wonder though, as any of her admirers will testify, and far from resting on those particular musical laurels she has moved on and evolved as the years have passed.

Eddi, described as having ‘one of the great voices in British music’ comes to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre on Saturday November 7.

She has taken to the road for a UK tour joined by her incredible band which includes Irish accordionist Alan Kelly, John Douglas on guitar and vocals, Kevin McGuire on bass, and English songwriter and guitarist Boo Hewerdine.

November has also seen her release a new five song EP Back The Dogs featuring four well chosen covers alongside Back The Dogs from her highly acclaimed 2014 album Vagabond (Reveal Records).

Her performance has wowed audiences all over the country as she has starred at events like the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the Cambridge folk Festival 50th Anniversary, and Jools Holland.

Eddi has been praised for her emotional and revealing performance, opening up with reflections of her childhood and family life, prompted by singing the beautiful classic Moon River which has many memories for her.

She does this, she says, because of the connection with the music and the listener, and said, “I found that in the explanations of the songs during performances that I was recalling many people from my upbringing and many different ‘scenes’ from my past came back to me as important within the context of the songs story.

“I like bringing my loved ones alive again and the story-telling part of me seems to be a new form of creative expression that I never knew I had.

It feels like I’m more connected with the listener when I relate a true experience.”

She is looking forward to her visit to Eastbourne even though in November it will not be the classic seaside summer experience, and said, “I was brought up in an inner city council estate in the south side of Glasgow-during the 1970’s. When I was around 15 our family moved to Irvine, a seaside town on the west coast 25 miles south west of Glasgow. It felt like paradise in comparison to my previous 15 years. The best times there for me was the autumn and winter months . I would take long walks alone along the beach and feel the spectacular power of the ocean in those seasons.

“Seaside towns, in or out of season for visitors, doesn’t affect the feeling of sitting on the edge of the world that the ocean gives you. It’s very inspiring even when you don’t realise it.”

Eddi’s show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £23.50 – to book call 01323 841414 or purchase online from: